Group workshops are held regularly for both adults and children. Group workshops are designed to help participants:

  • Take control over asthma
  • Relieve snoring or sleep apnoea
  • Alleviate blocked nose and keep it unblocked
  • Get relief from panic attacks, or anxiety associated with over-breathing
  • Reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergies

A typical workshop includes:

  • A half-hour breathing assessment including capnography
  • Five group sessions of 60-90 minutes held over two weeks
  • A final breathing assessment 6 weeks after commencement
  • Telephone or one-on-one support during the 6 weeks
  • A report for your GP if you wish
  • Participant booklet and materials

During a typical workshop session you will:

  • Have your progress reviewed
  • Learn how to replace unhealthy breathing habits with healthy ones
  • Become informed about the importance of healthy breathing for good health
  • Practice the prescribed breathing exercises
  • Be given direction with your program

Children’s workshops also include:

  • Age appropriate learning activities
  • Rewards and incentives for goals met

The cost of a workshop varies and discounts are available for the following:

  • Two or more from a family
  • Children
  • Health care card holders
  • Special promotions from time to time