Cute little girl with daisy in her hairs, showing thumbs up in sunset light.Dysfunctional breathing in children is on the rise. The increase in sedentary activities in the younger generation, particularly where the heart rate is elevated such as while using screens and computer games, causes havoc in breathing regulation.

For this reason we are seeing more and more children with breathing disorders such as asthma, snoring, crooked teeth, tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract infections. Unfortunately breathing disorders reduce oxygen delivery to the brain and other tissues of the body, causing struggles in a range of areas in the life of the developing child. For instance, snoring increases the liklihood of developing ADHD by 50% – simply because the brain of a child who snores is not as well oxygenated and they are more likely to be fatigued.

Children respond well to breathing retraining and often progress faster than adults. Correcting breathing disorders in children sets them up for a life-time of better health – free from asthma, sleep apnoea and other breathing disorders. Buteyko Vitality specialises in treatment for children – with specialised workshops of up to 5 children in a friendly positive environment.