Unravel the riddle of asthma. Many thousands of people have taken control over asthma, reduced their medication, gained better control over symptoms and got their life back. You can join the growing numbers here.

Not just an annoying habit, snoring is an indicator that something is wrong. Dysfunctional breathing habits that lead to snoring and often times eventually sleep apnoea as well can be corrected, giving everyone a better night’s sleep. More information can be found here.

Many sufferers of sleep apnoea find themselves in a catch-22 – they can’t tolerate their CPAP machine but know they can’t do without it. If you or someone you love struggles with CPAP or needs a solution for sleep apnoea, find help here.

Breathing disorders in children are on the rise. Mouth-breathing and snoring have implications for physical health, emotional well-being and cognitive development. Find help for children here.

Does exercise leave you puffed and gasping for breath? Or even bring on an asthma attack? Find out how to get control over these annoying problems and what some professional athletes are doing to get the edge with an increased exercise endurance.

Every dentist now knows that genetics is not the cause of crooked teeth. The number one cause is mouth-breathing, and the earlier it is fixed in childhood the greater the chance of avoiding expense orthodontic work. Progressive dentists now recommend breathing retraining for children. You can give your mouth-breathing youngster a gift that will improve the development and look of their face and their teeth as well as avoid the trauma of braces. Find out more here.

Panic attack is debilitating – both the attacks themselves and the feeling of loosing control of one’s own body. However there is a physiological cause of panic attacks, and it is not in the mind. Research indicates that the breathing centre in the brains of panic attack sufferers are overly sensitive to changes in blood gases, and this condition can be alleviated with breathing retraining. Take control back over your life here.