About the Trainer

Hi! So you are wondering about Buteyko and what it might do for you.That was me 12 years ago.

I was searching the internet for an answer to the bane of my life – chronic cough that I’d lived with since my early twenties and which had recently been diagnosed as asthma. I was trying to fall pregnant via IVF but my doctor wouldn’t put me back on the program until my asthma was better controlled and I was on less meds. It had also reached the point where my asthma was significantly impacting my ability to work, study and enjoy life. After hours of research I stumbled across something called Buteyko. I’d never heard of it, but as I started to read the scientific rationale behind it, it immediately made sense. I was well versed in blood gases, capillary gas exchange, respiratory acidosis/alkolosis, etc. because as a Registered Nurse I’d spent some time in ICU caring for ventilated patients. Because of the logical science underlying the Buteyko method I had reason to believe that the incredible testimonies I was reading about could well be true. I decided to give it a go. Now to find a Buteyko course…

As luck (or perhaps providence) would have it, I also discovered that a Buteyko course was starting the following day just one hour from where I lived. Debbie Meredith was kind enough to fit me in to an already full class at a moment’s notice – I’m sure she couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for the caller who could barely talk for all the coughing and wheezing over the phone!

Three days later I was off half of my medication and the cough was better than it had been in months. The reduction in medication was done in conjunction with my GP as my wonderful Buteyko instructor phoned her to explain what we were doing and how I was responding to the exercises. I worked diligently at my exercises and have never suffered with severe chronic cough again. My formerly ever-present-companion of constant chronic cough disappeared. In the past 12 years since I did my initial re-breathing training I have had the occasional bout of asthma and cough while suffering with a cold or flu, but even the colds and flus have been much less frequent than in my pre-Buteyko days (there is a good scientific reason for this!), and so much easier to manage using the Buteyko techniques. And yes, I did get back to IVF and my husband and I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter as a result!

I’m delighted to be a Buteyko Practitioner and I look forward to helping you achieve a greater degree of good health than what you might be experiencing right now. If you aren’t sure about any aspect I’d also be delighted to talk with you over the phone or by email.

Here’s to breathing for a better life!